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Weaver Heating & Conditioning is more than just a traditional Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) company. Weaver and it's personable service team is the Chester County's leading expert for home performance contracting. Weaver offers installation, replacement, and repair of most heating and air conditioning products.


The highly-trained certified staff uniquely combines the best from the heating and air conditioning industry, energy and building science, and indoor air quality (IAQ) principles together to partner with home owners, home buyers, and home builders for efficient and environmentally conscious indoor comfort solutions.


Whether it's indoor comfort complaints, high energy bills, allergies, condensation issues, musty smells, or performance concerns, Weaver takes a whole house approach to clean, healthy, comfortable air. All aspects of residential environmental comfort systems are addressed. Weaver helps homeowners conserve energy and protect the environment at the same time.


Weaver has more than 18 years of proven experience serving the tri-state area.


Exceptional services include: 


Energy Analysis & Energy Ratings

Indoor Air Quality Improvement

Air Conditioning Equipment

Air Distribution

Residential Maintenance Contracts

Environmental Programs

Heat Pump to Gas Conversions


All Season Comfort